• Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

What Makes a Good Photo?

ByJordan-Lee Valenzuela

May 24, 2020

Photography is a very personal art. It is a very individual and passionate art. It is a totally imaginative experience that leaves the photographer a more enlightened person in the world of photography. One must be aware of what he/she is photographing to avoid the misinterpretation of a thing.

A well-trained and skillful photographer can do wonders to a snapshot of a moment.

He/she can use all the techniques of composition and creativity to turn a well taken picture into a masterpiece. It is the photographer’s method to make the scene, objects and even people look attractive, fascinating and exciting.

Most photographers are inspired by those amazing moments of their lives and capture them for the rest of the world to see. It is a kind of magic to them. They have a gift of making a mundane and ordinary scene into something beautiful and magnificent. Whatever the subject may be, there is always a special feeling that a photographer evokes.

The art of photography depends a lot on the photographer’s person’s photographic instincts. The great thing about photography is that there is always room for improvement.

First of all, don’t be afraid to experiment with your skills. Photographs can be improved by different angles, lighting, different subjects and whatever other means one can think of. Every photographer has his own tricks to get better.

Look at the picture and try to find out what will make you happy.

That is the most important point in photography – trying to find the meaning of a picture and make the viewer feel good, whatever the subject of the picture may be.

The art of photography is the very essence of our eyes and mind. A photographer cannot create or capture a picture, if he/she does not know how to interpret a photograph. A photographer should be able to express the subject in his/her photography using the skill of his/her eyes.

The photographer must be able to find the “meaning” in every picture by interpreting it in such a way that it would come to life and become a complete picture. The photographer must always have a hint of what he/she is photographing so that the viewers can imagine themselves into the picture and make the surroundings and people of the picture appear attractive and fascinating.

There are different techniques of photography. Some may be very creative, while others may be straight forward, while some are slow in taking pictures, while others may take pictures quickly.

  • Every photographer has his/her own unique and separate style of photography that would differ from one person to another.
  • Every photographer has his/her own methods of taking photographs.
  • A good photographer must have a good method of taking photographs.

A camera is not an object, but rather it is an instrument, which take pictures, where different colors and shapes come to life, so that the photograph has an impact on the viewers. If a photographer wants to take a picture of a house could be interpreted as an object or a building. The best photos are those that don’t relate to any human emotions, while some may be touching and some may not be so touching.

The photographer should try to tell a fascinating story about the picture he/she has taken, while keeping it unique. The photographer must tell a story about his/her picture, no matter what the subject of the picture may be. The process of learning photography can never be over when the photographer learns to interpret and narrate his/her pictures.