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What Makes a Good Movie?

ByJordan-Lee Valenzuela

Feb 14, 2020

What’s in a Film?

In my recent articles, I have talked about the importance of creating a screenplay based on your favorite book or movie. Another place you can turn to if you’re having trouble coming up with something to write about is what makes a good movie. Every writer who has ever written about movies has in their minds a simple list of what makes a good movie.

One of the best ways to understand what makes a good movie is to ask the most important question of all. What did you like about your favorite film? Is there anything about it that you dislike? If you wrote a screenplay about what makes a good movie and had it out, wouldn’t you find something to write about?

The point is that the best way to find your favorites is to ask them what they thought of your favorite films. The best writers know how to do this. They read other people’s scripts to get an idea of what makes a good movie. They have the names and faces of the directors, stars, and producers on the backs of their books so they can see who they are up against.

Now, to know what is going on with the character of a certain actress, actor, director, or producer, we are going to have to do a little digging. The first thing we want to know is the title of the film. Most movies start with a title. So we will look for those. The name of the film will let us know what it is about.

We want to see the number of stars that the title has. How many stars does the film have? It can be a number in front of it, or it can be another word that leads you to an understanding of what it is about.

Do we have to find a plot, a major part of the story, or do we have to see the ending? There are some filmmakers who try to work with both elements. They try to tell a story that is engaging in one aspect of it, while providing a conclusion to it in another. This is not always a bad thing, because the end usually gives you a lot of information to work with.

This is a big hint, but here is one more. A good screenplay can sometimes be the first thing people see in a movie, even if they have seen other movies in the theater already.

Now that we know what we want to know, let’s get some movie stars involved. I love to use actors in my screenplay. I look for actors who are the ones I really enjoyed watching. One of the best things to do is to watch movies with the actors you are thinking of writing a screenplay about.

Is there a scene you like? Is there a line or two you like? Let’s take a moment to re-evaluate what we are trying to do. Where is the movie we are trying to think of at this very moment?

That question about what makes a good movie will not leave you alone. It can lead you to another treasure, the same one I found in the movie World War Z.

I love reading books about great movies, and I don’t mean just one or two. I love reading more than one. So, I found this great movie that people who enjoy what makes a good movie will enjoy even more.

Things that Make a Great Movie

If you’re looking for the answers to “what makes a good movie“, here are some suggestions that may make your selection easier. Whether you’re at home or at the theater, these tips will help to choose your next film that is going to make an impact on you.

Just like any other type of product, movies require a certain amount of preparation and training before they can be offered to movie lovers.

  • Pre-production has been held to a high standard in recent years, making sure a film will appeal to movie lovers is something every film company is doing. What makes a good movie is the result of all the preparations that have gone into it.
  • It’s difficult to find a movie that was inspired by someone else’s writing, but finding the name screenwriters and executive producers responsible for all the aspects of the movie is not difficult. The task of casting directors and writers to give people names is no easy task, either. Even the smallest detail can prove to be very important as a movie goes through production. That’s why it’s important to find a movie or TV show that the staff of everyone involved had the same idea.
  • When looking for a television show or movie, it’s important to find out how much money the writers and producers are spending. If the producers are overspending, it might not be the best idea to finance the project. Sometimes money is an issue, but if it’s required by the writer or director, don’t allow them to get away with it.
  • Proper casting doesn’t always mean having the right actors, though it can help to establish the look of the movie.
  • Determining the type of movie that is being created will help you select actors who will match the genre of the movie. Before choosing a casting director, look for those people who are passionate about their work and know how to market a film. A professional casting director will have contacts in all of the major movie studios, allowing you to cast without having to take time out of your schedule.
  • Proper guidance can go a long way towards providing the best direction for a movie. When there is a creative person that understands the direction of the movie, you’ll have a better chance of having the movie you’ve envisioned. These are the people who understand that the movie is more than just the production; the creative direction is something that can make or break a film.

Big budgets and stars usually equate to blockbuster movies, and many movies have this reputation. Make sure that when a producer or writer is setting out to create a blockbuster movie, they put the necessary elements into play. If it is possible, getting your movie onto the big screen is an important goal, but without the right staff and proper guidance, there is a good chance that the movie you wanted to see can be put on the shelf.

There are many new films that seem to be hitting a few major theaters around the country each week. It seems to me that, if there’s something happening at the movies, that’s something to celebrate. People may have found an interesting thing in the theater, or have a favorite character in the movie, but the most exciting part of a film is seeing it projected in front of you at home.

If a good movie is not showing up on a home entertainment system, it’s because the company has not taken the time to build a strong relationship with the theater owners. Getting your movie into the hands of theater owners who can recommend that you enjoy the film, is a goal that should be accomplished. If you have an alternative distribution company, set them up to direct you to the movie you want to see.

As with everything else, Hollywood has changed a lot in recent years. To get a movie to the public, it has to be a really good product. A great deal of people might not have seen a movie in years, and you want to make sure that your movie will stick with the audience and have lasting memories.

Movie promotions have changed a lot in recent years. With internet video sites, it’s possible to promote your film from the comfort of your own home.