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Types of Photography

ByJordan-Lee Valenzuela

May 3, 2020

There are many types of photography, but only a few categories are well defined. Before you begin to learn about the different types of photography you need to understand that each type of photography is fundamentally different. One type of photography may not be suitable for another type of photography. You need to ask yourself what type of photography you wish to do and the type of photography you wish to achieve.

Photographic Arts – Photography, which was originally developed in order to document events and settings.

It is now commonly used to create artistic prints of these images, which often portray different scenes and locations. The most popular forms of photographic arts today are still pictures, canvas prints, art prints, black and white and colored prints, which are also referred to as monochrome photography.

Nature Photography – This is an exceptional type of photography which enables you to photograph beautiful natural scenes and to produce a photograph with stunning natural colors. You can view various species of plants and animals with ease through the lens of your camera. By studying this type of photography you will be able to learn about various habitats in the wild. Some examples of areas which are quite popular for the creation of nature photographs are the places where you can find waterfalls, lakes, forests, beaches, national parks and even wildlife management centres.

Digital Photography – This has evolved since the advent of cameras. It is the easiest way to take photographs. You can get some amazing photographs that you will treasure for a lifetime. With the advent of new technology and software it has become possible to carry out all kinds of photographic experiments.

Medium Format Photography – These photographs are still considered as the photographic form of this century. They were developed in the early 60’s in order to improve on the photography through photo developing. Today they are manufactured using digital cameras and therefore they are more sophisticated and interesting than the previous version.

Color Photography – This is one of the most fascinating types of photography. With the invention of television and the development of color printing it became possible to create interesting color images of landscapes, people and animals. The first examples of this type of photography came out in the 1800’s. These prints were taken on a wide range of surfaces, including watercolour paper, graphite, aluminum and glass. Nowadays they are being produced by artists on easels, digital printing machines and even by using scanners.

Bird Photography – When you think of photography of birds you instantly imagine them flying across the sky in their great number.

In fact, there are a number of different species of birds which are part of the photographic world. The most famous of these are flamingos, ducks, starlings, parrots, pigeons, cockatoos, hummingbirds, seagulls, geese, pigeons, loons, mallards, woodpeckers, ibises, cormorants, quail, and geese. This photography allows you to enjoy the sights of birds in flight and also be able to understand the language of nature better.

Art Photography – You cannot have a portfolio without having at least one piece of art photography. They were created in order to capture a moment in time and display it in a piece of art form. During the second half of the 20th century, they began to take more art form and were then classified according to the medium of the photograph, whether it was photographs of flowers, sculptures, paintings, photographs of architectural models, and even sculptures of living artists.

  • Portrait Photography – This type of photography can be classified into three types.
  • Portrait photography was developed before the twentieth century when it was developed to help get ready and glossy photographs to print.
  • It is still regarded as a niche of photography, and is usually the photography of fine-art, commercial purposes.
  • This category includes still pictures, portraits and head shots.

Fashion Photography – This genre of photography is synonymous with photography of the latest trends in the fashion industry. Every day, the images are updated in order to inform the public about the changing of fashion, styles and colors of clothing, shoes, accessories and the like. These pictures are highly photographed, which helps photographers to create striking images.

Wildlife Photography – This is a type of photography that focuses on wildlife and its habitat. It covers a wide variety of animals which inhabit various ecosystems and environments. It also covers the various elements such as sight, sound, smells, tastes, skin textures and so on. and everything else that the environment provides.