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The Impact of The Matrix

ByJordan-Lee Valenzuela

Feb 14, 2020

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Dodging Bullets

The Impact of The Matrix is another Hollywood film that deals with the world we live in today. Movies are popular today, whether they are action movies or dramas, which are both good examples of what a movie can be. In this particular movie, there is a huge amount of attention placed on its music and visuals, but also what is happening in this movie.

In the movie, Neo finds himself in a world similar to the Matrix, where humans are all genetically engineered and equipped with a computer called the “mesh universe” to enable them to play the game called the matrix. In this Matrix, humans can think the way they wish, because the society that creates them has created a mental “wall” that prevents people from being able to think about things outside of themselves.

The Matrix is an example of the artificial intelligence (AI) technology that a company called N.I. had invented. It has also been called the mind’s eye system, but technically speaking, it is not an AI system at all. There are two elements of the Matrix.

There is the actual Matrix, which is a real place, where the human being is constantly being watched. There is the virtual part of the Matrix, which is made of simulated images, where the humans live. The important thing is that the film and the movie deal with the same concept, that is artificial intelligence being used to control human thought and decision making.

The Impact of The Matrix is different from most other movies on this subject. Most movies on the Matrix will often show the humans trying to look into the Matrix from outside. The Matrix is built for humans to be inside of it, where the human mind will see and view the virtual world from within the Matrix.

The Impact of The Matrix has human characters, except inthe movie where the robots do all the thinking. In the Matrix, the humans are not allowed to think outside of themselves, or to entertain their own imaginations. This is because the Matrix is built to not allow the human mind to think freely.

For example, in the movie, when Morpheus makes contact with Neo, he says “you cannot remember anything you ever saw before.” He continues by saying “so you were here all along?” to which Neo responds that he has no idea how the Matrix works and he only know that it is his best friend.

In the movie, there is a strange thing that occurs when Neo discovers that he is in a holographic dream world. Suddenly, he begins to have strange personal thoughts that he is having and he asks Neo to wake him up. The impact of The Matrix is that the two of them go to sleep and that is the beginning of a two-year period in which Neo struggles to find out who he really is.

In the end, The Matrix allows the human mind to see the world for what it really is, the Matrix. That is one of the things that The Matrix does differently from most other movies on this subject. The Matrix movies are more realistic in their approach.

The thing is that they don’t actually end. While there is a conclusion to The Matrix movie, it is not the ending. For those who want to see the ending, this is the last movie for the movie.

The Impact of The Matrix can be compared to the World Trade Center towers in New York City. When a building goes down, all of the normal rules of everyday life cease to apply and reality begins to take a backseat.

Its Influence on Cinema

The Impact of The Matrix is a film dealing with the influences of film on our society. It features a discussion between the director and its cast members as well as an analysis of the cultural influence that the Matrix has had on movies. With the end of the world approaching and humanity at its darkest hour, a group of superhumans battle each other in a futuristic war.

  • In a way The Matrix was a stand-alone film; it was never released theatrically as it was simply too important. It had to be shown only on video and online to prevent any further destruction. However, there are many reasons why The Matrix is significant. Let’s take a look at why it was so influential on cinema.
  • A fight for existence – It isn’t very often that films feature an conflict that is as extreme as what is seen in The Matrix. A race of humans have been forced to fight each other in a fight for their survival. However, the film also reflects on a political landscape that is much more complex than the simplistic identity politics of other flicks that come to mind.
  • Mystical powers – This film explored the psychological effects of mental powers. Neo is gifted with various types of powers and uses them to influence humans to act in his favour.
  • Virtual worlds – There are times when our entire world appears to be unreal and therefore one of the most influential flicks ever made. In The Matrix, Neo is in a world that looks like ours but has been played by computers.
  • The dystopian future – This movie marks the beginning of a shift towards more androgynous characters in the future. A concept that has carried throughout the decades and is still prevalent today.
  • The future – The Matrix is widely regarded as the best science fiction movie of all time. Whilst other movies of this genre were common at the time, this film managed to capture the imagination of millions around the world. This gave birth to sequels, spin-offs and derivative sub-genres.

The fact that this movie was almost lost forever makes it the biggest influence of all time. Film buffs will keep this film as a point of reference for years to come.

The Matrix is an extremely influential film, to say the least. It had the ability to expand people’s minds and make them think beyond what was normal.

It is said that this movie has lead to the creation of a global network that serves as a repository of knowledge. It made many of the world of today’s world aware of the different realities in the world and gave people the tools they needed to prevent a war.

This movie also paved the way for other movies to follow, such as the Matrix trilogy and the X-Men. The impact of The Matrix on cinema can never be underestimated.