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How to Learn Photography

ByJordan-Lee Valenzuela

Mar 22, 2020
modern photography equipment over white table background

Photography has been used since ancient times as a way to record events. People wrote down their memories and passed them on for generations to hear. Nowadays, this same technology has evolved in a way that digital photography is used as a way to capture that much wanted moment, still shot or otherwise.

Digital photography has become the mainstream now.

The more digital cameras are being used the more people are becoming aware of them. In this article we’ll take a look at why you should learn to use digital photography to your advantage.

Learn how to use the right camera!

The very first thing you should do when learning about photography is to pick out a camera you like and will be happy with for the rest of your life. It should be light, afford you plenty of room to move around, and able to handle all of the things you want to do with photography. You should also pick a lens that will give you an excellent result, and for a camera like this we recommend the DSLR camera.

If you are unsure what to use, read up on it and get as much information as you can. Then decide which camera is right for you and remember to use the DSLR to get the most out of it.

Start learning the basics and learn the different types of photography. You’ll need to know how to take still photos, or taking a photograph without moving your camera. You’ll also need to learn how to take a photo of something moving at high speed. Try taking a photo of a car in motion, as this will give you an idea of how well you have honed your skills.

In addition to this, you need to learn the fundamentals of photography, including exposure, lighting, depth of field, and the concept of staging and posing. These are all factors you will need to master if you want to be a successful photographer. There is no need to think about photographing a chicken by the roadside with a long telephoto lens, because it won’t work.

Exposure is an important part of photography. If you can’t properly expose a photo then you won’t be able to show it to anyone and your photos will be useless. You’ll need to learn about aperture and shutter speed. Aperture is the hole through which light enters, while shutter speed is the length of time in seconds that you allow the light to hit the sensor.

All of these are basic things to know, but it’s really a matter of practice to get better at them. When I first started out in photography I couldn’t hold a proper composition, but I quickly learned. I got my compositions down the way that I am holding them today.

Then you need to learn about light and the concept of balance. Learning about balance can help you a lot with both still and video photography. The balancing of the objects you want to shoot is critical, because if you don’t your shots will be off and you won’t be able to display them.

You can make a great job of balancing just about anything in your hands, but it takes practice to do so. Another technique you can use is the grid technique. This will help you learn to make use of the square footage of the picture.

Once you have learned how to balance an object on your finger and get a good picture of it, you need to learn how to create great compositions. The very first thing you need to learn about is the basic composition. You need to learn the camera and what it can do, and you need to learn how to use your compositions to take great pictures.

This needs to be a form of art in itself, but you have to learn how to make great pictures to get a good enough one to be a success. The final step is the ability to do a retouch. You will never make a great photo unless you understand how to create an editing version that works.