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Filmography – The Basics

ByJordan-Lee Valenzuela

Mar 29, 2020
Female model's hand is holding white clap board or movie slate on black background.

Filmography is very much like having a picture of a person.

It provides you with a brief description about the person’s life. This book is composed of photographs that are taken from different places like Paris, Rome, and Jerusalem.

Photography was not invented just to collect the pictures of people. It can be a way to preserve history. Using film photography to take pictures from events and people is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. The invention of photography is one of the most important inventions of all time.

By using film, one can create a photograph of an event or a person. There are certain factors that can determine the quality of a photograph. Lighting plays a major role in determining the quality of the photograph. There are many ways to light a subject such as using indirect or direct lighting, natural light or artificial light.

Different times and countries are represented in this book. These snapshots were taken in different locations of Paris, Rome, Jerusalem, and several other countries around the world. The different countries were chosen based on several factors.

The most important aspect for selecting a place to shoot a photograph is the quality of light in that location.

Places which have good lighting and great background are the best places to shoot. If a subject is standing in a dark room, this does not matter because it will be difficult to get a clear image. When the subject is in a bright room, however, then a clearer image can be captured.

For certain type of photographs, filmography is very much necessary. Of course, photographers who are into photography would rather capture the moment of the camera and take it at a later time. However, when capturing images in filmography, the photographer will be able to take a good photograph of the event or person the moment it happened.

There are several advantages to photography in filmography. The main advantage is the fact that photos can be stored for later use. This is something that cannot be said about digital cameras. A single photo taken on a digital camera can be edited. However, to edit a photo taken on film photography, more editing tools and software are needed.

Filmography can be used for any kind of photography. There are images that have great impact in people’s lives. These are the types of images that are selected by filmographers. A photographer selects certain images for future uses such as exhibitions and other kinds of important occasions. There are many photographs that can be selected by a filmographer.

When the subject of a photograph is already fixed and photographed, a filmographer can change the focus of the photograph to suit a certain event. In some situations, the photographer may want to bring the viewer to another part of the frame. The filmographer can do this easily by simply changing the angle of the lens.

These types of portraits shots are called as the Roman glass portrait. This is a photograph that is made up of multiple photos. Images are taken from different angles and then combined together. With this method, the photographer is able to show off the overall look of the subject.

A professional photographer and one who specialize in portrait shots usually take a series of photos. Sometimes, some photography experts select their photos based on a specific theme. However, they can choose from a variety of pictures by combining multiple images.

The editing process of photography in filmography is based on how the photographer decides to present the subject. Although most people still prefer digital photography, film photography has its benefits. These techniques are useful when shooting portraits, wedding photos, family photos, and others.